First Spiritualist Church
of San Diego
3777 Forty Second St.
San Diego, Calif. 92105
PH: (619) 284-4646

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July Speaker

  7th - J Phineas Leevy
14th - Rev Marcella Jones
         & Jerome Gross
21st - Shaman White Eagle
28th - AG Shard

August Speaker

 4th - Shaman Don Javier Garay
11th - TBA
18th - Udoka Nwanna
25th - TBA

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Come Join Us for Sunday Services!

10:00 am: Meditation & Healing Service
11:00 am: Lecture Service
Also join us for refreshments, snacks, & conversation in Johnson's Hall immediately after the Lecture Service!


Sunday July 28th

10:00 AM, Healing Service

11:00 AM, Lecture Speaker: AG Shard Lecture

1:30  PM," Membership Meeting"  

1st & 2nd Saturday,  2:00 - 3:30 PM, "Universal Law Class" with Rev. Lorina Pyle
Canceled: Class will resume next September

1st & 2nd Saturday, 4:00 - 5:30 PM, "Psychic Development/Mediumship Class" with Rev. Lorina Pyle
Canceled: Class will resume next September

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You can make donation for Overhead Expense, Office Supply, Tithing etc. online using PayPal

Who we are & What we believe:

The First Spiritualist Church of San Diego has had a long and colorful history, playing a major role in the development of Spiritualism in San Diego for more than one hundred years. It has progressed with the times, seeing many changes in San Diego as well as within its own parameters.

The First Spiritualist Church holds regular Worship Services on Sunday mornings with Healing Services preceding. In addition, we hold Psychic Fairs, Fundraising Dinners, host parties to celebrate various holidays & events, potluck lunches, and offer many classes on various methods of Spiritual Development & Healing. Some of the classes that have been taught at the church are: Herbology, Spiritual Law, Astral Projection, Trance, Alpha Thinking, Tarot and Astrology, The Celestine Prophecy, The Mayan Calendar, and Ascension. Recently classes have included Psychic Development, Theta Healing, Meditation, Metaphysical Foundation, The Michael Teachings, and many others.

If you are looking for a church that has unusual vibrations, The First Spiritualist Church, may be your answer. We have a very different approach to religion. We believe in life after death and the continuation and communications with spirit after death.

Our church is also a healing and teaching church. Every Sunday morning we offer aura healing, spiritual music and interesting and enlightening lectures, followed by spiritual psychic messages. In the afternoons, we have a delicious lunch, workshops, classes, Reiki healing...and more. If you are looking for something different than the fundamental churches, this may be your answer.