Rev. Beatrice Calise

Rev. beatrice

Theta Healing, Hypnotist

Rev. Beatrice has been a member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners since 1992. She is a student of Gil Boyune, Founder. She is a hypnotist, a Louise Hays teacher and a Teacher of Theta Healing since 2004. Combining methods to have an effective session with her clients, Rev. Beatrice is pragmatic in her work. Working with the energy of the Creator and the angle world, as a natural intuitive she finds quickly and effectively the bottom belief that is holding the pattern in place to help and heal. She has been a Spiritualist Minister since 1985 and has given classes in both Theta Healing and other Metaphysical subjects.  Rev. Beatrice is also a student of Religious Science. She is medium and communicates with the Guides and Teachers of her clients as well as loved ones who have passed over.