Bill Babcock


Webmaster, Auric and Reiki Healer

Bill Babcock have been member of this church since early 90's. I have been going to spiritualist church since early 70's. I have first received healing papers at Inner Light Metaphysical Church at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. When I moved to San Diego area in 1982, I have taken all 8 Degree Lesson from Astara. I continued to do healings at First Christian Spiritualist Church at National City. Now I have Healing Papers from First Spiritualist Church. I have been doing the web site for the church since mid 90's.

I have some of my dream experience like the earthquake of San Francisco, attempted assassination of President Reagan and eruption of Mt. St. Helens before it happened. I even had dream about being at Krakatoa which I knew it was going to erupt. This appears to be one of my past lives. My Dream Experience

I also lead hikes with Walkabout group. I am member of Sierra Club and Coordinator of Friends of Chollas Creek.