Rev Cyndi Clarke

Rev. Cyndi 

Ministry of Healing, Reiki Master  table tipping

Rev. Cyndi Clarke began her spiritual studies over 25 years ago when the universe placed her in a position to study under her grandmother– in–law, Dr. Kay Sterner, founder of the California Parapsychology Foundation.  Dr. Sterner helped her to develop her latent psychic abilities and put her in touch with many others whose combined expertise let her to a dynamic and eclectic approach to teaching and learning about the mysteries of the Universe.  She studied mysticism under Dr. Seegall, a physicist and mystic; she furthered her understanding of Spiritualism under Rev. Maxwell and Rev. Seber; Cyndi completed her ministerial courses through Westbrook University’s Center of Spiritual Advancement; and learned the tradition of Kabala through the Kabbalah Center; and Cyndi completed additional study through the International Metaphysical Ministry and the University of Sedona.  Still seeking greater knowledge and the skills that would enable her to be of the greatest service to others, she became a Reiki Master and learned to practice Matrix Energetics, Organ Regeneration, The Reconnection, and Healing Touch.  In addition to her own study, Rev. Clarke has spent the last 25 years table tipping to connect people to their guides and teachers, providing many with tangible evidence that life continues after death and giving them assurance that there are loved ones looking out for them from the other side.