Rev. Kimberley Britton


Reiki Healing, Certified Theta Healing, Auric Healing

Rev. Kimberley Britton, is a native San Diegan, and a self-avowed Rainbow Warrior.  Rev. Kimberley has been interested in metaphysics for as long as should can remember, with a deep desire for all things psychological, spiritual and healing.  After many years living life in the left brain, the shift began when she first learned Tarot card reading under the tutelage of Dr. Alexandra Andrews in 1990.

In the quest for more understanding and knowledge she became certified in Theta healing, and also began taking classes locally at San Diego School of Clairvoyance where she discovered her healing gifts and gifts of mediumship and clairvoyance.  From there she was lead to Rev. Lorina Pyle’s Mediumship and Spiritual Awareness classes, and then to Rev. Rosary Etzel’s classes on Spiritual Healing.  Kimberley is a frequent Conductor and Healer at the Healing and Meditation services.  Rev. Kimberley is the Assistant Pastor here at the First Spiritualist Church and is a member of the Trinity.  She also manages the Praying Angels prayer chain here, the church’s Meetup page, and Facebook page.   She has served on the First Spiritualist Church Board of Trustees for 3 years, as a Trustee, the Vice President, and is now our President.

Rev. Kimberley is a best known for her Healing gifts, and her great sense of humor.   She is the founder of Anuenue Healing Arts.  Anuenue is Hawaiian for “Rainbow”…and transformation.  The transformative rainbow refers to those who are related, not by blood, but by the fire in their spirits.  This fire burns for justice, equality and love of the Earth.  Those who share the heat of this fire are known as Rainbow Warriors.  It has been prophesied that there will come a time when those that are related through the Rainbow will teach these ancient wisdoms to those who have forgotten.  And so, she does.  You can learn more about her teachings and healing gifts on her website