Rev. Lorina Pyle


Pastor of the First Spiritualist Church, Auric Healer, Message Bearer

Reverend Lorina Pyle iis a very blessed mother of eight and grandmother of five.  She is a Spiritual Minister and now serves as Pastor at First Spiritualist Church.

With the love and support of her husband and family, she became a member of the spiritualist community in 2002.  She immediately knew that Spiritualism resonated with her feelings and beliefs.

She has had the privilege of working with many great inspirational teachers and world renowned mediums at the First Spiritualist Church of San Diego, Harmony Grove, Open Door of Escondido, California and The First Christian Spiritualist Church.  This in turn, has helped her in her search and to understand why she has the spiritual gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clear sentience which she has experienced since the age of three.

She has served on the Church Board of Trustees as President, Vice President, Trustee, and also as the Assistant Pastor.  Lorina holds a variety of certifications such as an Auric Healer, Minister of Healing, Medium, Trance Medium, and Teacher, and is an Inspirational Speaker, Lecturer, and Author. She uses these spiritual gifts to bring healing, understanding, and harmony to all of those who seek her help.

Her message to all she encounters is:  We are all expressions of the Divine Spirit, no matter what name you might pray to.  Live by the Golden Rule.  Maintain personal responsibility, live in awareness, forgive daily, accept love unconditionally, and give selflessly.   You can live happily today, by learning how to heal yesterday.

Reverend Lorina is the Author of:  DAMAGED, “A Survivor’s Story of the Damage Done by Sexual and Physical Abuse” Now available on Amazon.

She is currently reaching out to the world by forming a non-profit organization to spread awareness and healing for those who suffer from sexual and physical abuse, and her goal is to become a central resource center for all organizations dedicated to the same cause.

She has inspirational lecture videos on as well as you tube.