First Spiritualist Church
of San Diego
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San Diego, Calif. 92105
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What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is the Science which affirms the existence of Spirit as a Origin, Sustainer and Reality in all the forms of Nature and in all the expression of life. According to its teachings the Universe is spirit-built and constitutes a Divine Revelation of Spirit (God). Spirit manifests in all life, in all intelligence, in all power, in all wisdom and in all that is True, Beautiful and Good. Spiritualism is the Philosophy which explains the manifold operations of the Spirit in Nature, and in man.
It is the Religion which demonstrates through Mediumship life's continuity after death, affirms man's divine origin and relationship, furnishes man with the true philosophy of prayer, gives the strongest possible motives to good conduct, inspires and aids man in self-development, and offers him the richest consolation in life's sorrow.


Spiritualism is a World Teacher, Inspirer and Comforter of humanity. It aims at the unfoldment and uplift of the race. It emancipates the mind from error. It interprets to men the great volume of nature. It is the best key with which to unlock the storehouse of Spiritual Knowledge. It explains the enigmas and riddles of life. It brings all realms of Nature under law and asserts that man's whole duty in life is to find out the laws of Nature and conform to them.


First to convince men of the continuity of human life. Secondly, to spiritualize our thoughts, affections and lives by instruction and guidance. Thirdly, to bring us Consolation in the sorrows and bereavement of life. Fourthly, to unable us to reach through Mediumship exalted and powerful spiritual helpers in the great crises of Life.
Spirit messages are not designed to take the place of our own reason and moral sense in ordinary affairs or in business life.

John 4:24--- God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

The purpose of Spiritualism is to promote the continuity of life.

Spiritualism is the science that affirms the existence of the Spirit as the Origin, Sustainer, and reality in all the forms of nature and in the expression of life. According to its teachings, the universe is spirit built and constitutes a Divine Revelation of Spirit (God). Spirit manifest sin all life, in all intelligence, in all power, in all wisdom, and in all that is true, beautiful and good. Spiritualism is the philosophy that explains the manifold operations of the Spirit in nature, and in humanity.

It is the religion that demonstrates through mediumship life's continuity after death. It also affirms an individual's divine origin and relationship. It furnishes them with the true philosophy of prayer and gives the strongest possible motives to good conduct, furthermore, it inspires and aids the individual in self development and offer sone the richest consolation in life's sorrows. This is the true mission of Spiritualism.

Spiritualism recognizes Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Divine Son of God, as the greatest teacher, medium, and standard bearer of the truth the world has ever known Jesus understood the natural laws of God, and His Scriptural Gifts. He demonstrated the many Gifts of God by His wisdom and knowledge, He prophesied, He healed the sick, and He raised the dead. Jesus, the standard bearer of truth said: "Greater things then I shall do shall ye do also".

First Spiritualist church includes spirit messages as part of its services. Its primary purpose is to demonstrate to all the continuity of human life. Secondly, to spiritualize our thoughts and affections, and lives by instruction and guidance. Thirdly, to furnish consolation in the sorrows and bereavements of life. fourthly, to enable us to reach, through mediumship, venerable and powerful Spiritual Helpers in the great crisis of life.

Spirit message are not intended to replace our own reasoning and moral sense in ordinary affairs, or in business life. First Spiritualist church encourages and promotes Spiritual growth by establishing individual contact, and 'tailoring" information, advice, and guidance to a person's individual needs and level of development. Our purpose is to aid each person in the attainment and fulfillment of their experience to know God.

We do not claim to teach "ultimate truth." That is endlessly discovered for and by oneself through one's existence and incarnations. We seek to help open one to learning more and to heal the damage done by various religious and political systems that seek to use and degrade people. We do not teach "guilt"or "sin". We seek to help remove ignorance, and fear of knowledge.

We support and teach the unity and harmony of existence; to gain understanding and wisdom through the idea  and ideal that all beings, and all things are to be approached in joy and reverence.

We teach that it is each person's responsibility to work out their own karma. We teach and believe what is most pleasing to God is a free joyous self flourishing in self discovery; gaining knowledge and abilities, and eager to welcome new ways of being. A self living without lessoning itself or others, and engaging in self creation and selfshaping.

We must bring ourselves into balance, and ourselves into harmony with God; then achieving out true vision of the true Unity of all things human, Divine, and natural

Declaration of Principles

  1. We believe in Infinite Intelligence.
  2. We believe that the phenomena of Nature, both physical and spiritual, are expression of Infinite Intelligence.
  3. We affirm that a correct understanding of such expression and living in accordance therewith, constitute true religion.
  4. We affirm that the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death.
  5. We affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact, scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.
  6. We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule: "Whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you do ye also unto them."
  7. We affirm the moral responsibility of the individual, and that he makes his own happiness or unhappiness as he obeys or disobeys Nature's physical and spiritual laws.
  8. We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any human soul here or hereafter.
  9. We affirm that the precept of Prophecy contained in the Bible is a Divine attribute proven through Mediumship